Private and Secure Currency

Powered by a peer-to-peer consensus network. Delivered on the backbone of CryptoNote technology ensures that all transactions on the network are private and secure.

Send XRN Swiftly

Saronite can deal with large amount of transactions on the blockchain and allows for swift transfers to and from wallets. 

Innovative Security and Privacy

Adopting RingCT technology allows each and every transaction on our network to be untraceable. Unlike BitCoin payments cannot be traced back to the sender unless the Private Keys are shared.

Saronite Exchange (In Progress)

Bringing new and experienced traders together, enabling  secure and fast transactions throughout the platform. We strive to build a user friendly experience without losing out on functionality.

We believe all coins should have the opportunity to be listed on a trading platform, that is where we come in. Our fee’s for listing a coin will be low for life, That’s right! Low fees forever.

New  Crypto Currencies can easily become stale as the struggle to accumulate large funding required to get listed on an exchange, we won’t allow this to happen.



Cloud Storage at it’s finest

(In Progress)

Imagine storage without limitations, without someone watching you and it doesn’t cost a fortune, this will all be possible with Saronite Cloud. We believe that you should not have to give up something that no longer has value to some, your privacy.  With Saronite Cloud you will be able to store all your data in one place with perfect encryption and perfect pricing.

Distributed Cloud storage is the future, no longer are large data centers required to store files. The backbone of Saronite Cloud will run from Storj which gives us the ability to serve a “Sustainable, Distributed and Encrypted” service.

The payment gateway will accept XRN as the primary method of payment which ensures an untraceable service from start to finish.

Smart Contracts (In Progress)

Smart or Saronite? We believe in everything Saronite, thus why we will call it Saronite Contracts. Saronite plans to introduce Saronite Contracts in quarter one for 2019. While Smart Contracts already exists, there is much more that can be done without the middleman. With Saronite Contracts, an active balance is all you need to stay in time-based agreements.

These contracts will make sure your privacy is always intact. Saronite Contracts can be used for a variety of agreements such as an agreement between landlord and tenant to hosting contracts and much more. With Saronite Contracts, you will never have to worry if you don’t want something to be public. 




Fast,Simple and Secure transactions with Saronite.

The GUI Wallet allows you to transfer your funds that are stored on the Blockchain to another address with ease. Our wallet supports Ghost Addresses which allows you to never reveal your primary wallet address whilst carrying out transactions.