With this update we will update you on the current state of the network and how everything is doing.

The attack on the Saronite Network

There was an attack on the Saronite network where the attacker tried to steal a lot of block rewards(and got some), This lead to the confirmation on the exchange to be increased quite massively. This was also the reason hard forked sooner and reached “Hardfork V9” that activated service nodes on the network. With the assistance of Zawy we have made the Saronite network more secure. The confirmation time on TradeOgre will soon be made smaller.

Service Nodes

Service nodes has been running since block 5000, There are now a total of 10 service nodes on the network. (Time of posting this update) In order to run your own service node it will require about 45 000 XRN. You can view the current service nodes on the network by visiting http://saronite.info/service_nodes

If you need any assistance with service nodes, feel free to visit the Saronite Discord or Telegram channels.

The next week for Saronite

During the next week, we will be working on the following

  • Getting more information on the website
  • Updating the Saronite announcement thread
  • The Saronite Whitepaper with updated roadmap

Current list of Mining Pools (Please spread hashrate to different pools)

We would like to thank all mining pool owners for keeping their Saronite pools operational.

Thanks to Cryptodude for the featured image