In the following update we will discuss a new team member, Coinmarketcap listing and Teamspeak for the community.

We have added mFridge to the dev team, he will help with the following aspects:

  • Web development
  • Community management and support

Coinmarketcap listing

In order for Saronite to be listed on Coinmarketcap we need to be listed on at least two exchanges. Please see the exchange discussion below.

Exchange listing

Saronite will now start using the governance fee to get listed on an exchange. You can see the Saronite Bitcoin wallet here: 142si1o7BirfvXyquCuceQAou7YG8YGMm8

This funding will be used for our next exchange listing, we have contacted Mercatox and asked for specifics on listings, we will still look further depending on listing prices.

Teamspeak for the community

You can now connect to the Saronite Teamspeak, the sever link is:

Please note we will give specific times for the community and developer chat over Teamspeak, we will establish that in the next few days.