Our Vision

Saronite wants to improve and introduce new technology to the Cryptonote Protocol. We are currently four developers that are looking to do what has not been done before. We believe that the best things of blockchain technology have not yet been discovered and we will take any new team member that proves him/herself worthy of being part of the Saronite team. Everything we promise can and will be implemented, and there will be more coming as more developers bring something to the team. We believe that there is endless technology that can be implemented on the blockchain. Saronite uses the Cryptonote Protocol because privacy is a human right.

What we have planned

Smart Contracts

Saronite plans to introduce smart contracts into it’s blockchain. Our smart contract will be in place to manage assets, simple task management where two devices can communicate and agreements between two parties that will be completely private and secure.


Cloud Storage

Saronite will implement a cloud storage platform that uses $XRN as the method of payment. Our platform will be based on blockchain technology and peer-to-peer protocols to provide the most secure, private, and encrypted cloud storage powered by Storj.


Saronite Exchange

Saronite is currently in the building stage of our exchange, This exchange will be built on a secure platform that supports hot and cold wallets to ensure that assets that are stored on the exchange are bullet proof from intruders. The exchange will have a fee saver in place, If you have an active balance of XRN you will benefit from reduced fee’s whilst trading.