Saronite will move to a new blockchain on the 22nd of October 2018. 

Why would we do that?

  • The Saronite blockchain currently runs on Sumokoin code
  • We are moving Saronite to Monero code base
  • To undo wrongs in the past
  • Implementation of service nodes

Even though the code will be completely different and be  a complete new currency, everything will be exactly the same. Please take a few moments to read how this will be done.

Firstly, a new genesis block will be created, the current coins in existence will be mined on the first block. Everyone in the Saronite community will have a fair chance to exchange their existing Saronite coins to the new Saronite coins. We already notified TradeOgre of the swap and all the funds on TradeOgre will be safe and be swapped within the exchange. After the new blockchain goes live, we will announce that you can now swap your coins around, this can only be done via, Twitter, Telegram, Discord or the website with the assistance of Cloud. You will then send your old Saronite and receive your new Saronite currency. Because nothing changes and only the coins in existence will be mined the coin will be exchanged 1:1.

After announcing, everyone will still have 1 week to exchange their existing Saronite to the new Saronite. If any coins goes unclaimed during this 1 week, it will be given away to the community with Twitter promotions

What happens to the dev fee that was already mined in the past?

The development fee that was mined in the past will be given away in 4 separate Twitter promotions of the new Saronite. This will be done transparently.

I would like to swap my coins, how do I start?