Frequently Asked Questions


Q1 – How do I mine Saronite?

Answer : To mine Saronite its simple, Download the latest XMR-Stak and select the Cryptonight Heavy Algorithm and choose a pool from our home page


Q2 – Where is your white paper?

Answer : We are currently working on our whitepaper, We want to ensure that everything is correctly covered and is of top quality.


Q3 – When can we test the Exchange?

Answer : The Exchange is still being built, We will go through a alpha stage allowing people to create simulated trades, we will give each and every Alpha tester a fixed amount of BTC (Fake currency) and your job is to try and break the system so we can patch any bugs.


Q4 – Will you get more members on your team?

Answer : Yes we are actively looking for new talent to join the Saronite team, We like to see our-self as a Community driven currency so we happily accept any support from those willing to give.


Q5 – How do I buy Saronite?

Answer : Saronite is listed on a few exchanges which can be found on our Home Page. We are actively applying for new exchanges and will announce them when they become available.


Q6 – When will you be on CoinMarketCap?

Answer: CoinMarketCap have strict rules when listing coins, Once we meet their requirements they will add us. We are actively contacting them and strongly see us being listed there in the near future.


Q7 – What is your max supply?

Answer : Our max supply is 90 million, You can find our current circulation by clicking here