How to fix error message “Bind address already in use” and also reduce “signature mismatch, connection will be closed”

So, if you do not have a cronjob created, all you have to do is run the server daemon with these arguments: ./saronited --service-node --zmq-rpc-bind-port 24216 --p2p-bind-port 32152 --rpc-bind-port 22925

If you still receive the same error, change the zmq, p2p and RPC ports to something random in this range 1100 – 65535.

If you have a cronjob setup and are using the “Saroscript” you will have to update it to something like the below code.

Saroscript should look something like this:
#!/usr/bin/env bash
set -eux -o pipefail
[[ $(pgrep -fu $(whoami) 'saronited') ]] || screen -dmS saronited -- /media/md0/YOURUSERNAME/saronite-linux64-v1.2.0.0/saronited --service-node --zmq-rpc-bind-port 24216 --p2p-bind-port 32152 --rpc-bind-port 22925

You will have to adjust the direct path and your username obviously.

That’s it, the cronjob stays the same, just the script needed updating to run with the new arguments. If you get an error saying the bind address is already in use, try changing the port numbers: 34236 42158 32915 to something random in range 1100 – 65535 range. If the error continues to occur, change the ports again until it works.