listing, complete website overhaul and custom Saronite algorithm – November 9th, 2018


In today’s update we will be discussing the following topics: listing and the complete website redesign of

The Saronite team has been very busy over the past few weeks working through the process of getting listed on, completely overhauling the website and actively working on our new custom Saronite algorithm.




To start, Saronite is now officially listed on! has roughly 4.9 million views per year, 400,000 monthly and about 13,300 views per day. We believe this will drive more traffic and interest to Saronite. Which will drive more growth, more developers helping with the project and more people running service nodes. The Saronite team is also interested in getting listed on which has a comparable stats, but has a higher Alexa rank and more traffic overall. This listing will come at a later date. If you would like to check out Saronite’s page, click here.





Next on the list, the website overhaul. Saronite’s current website is very functional and provides all of the necessary information very easily. Functionality is a key part of any website, without that the website is useless. The current site does this well. However, the visual aspect of the website is a bit rough around the edges.


If you have visited the site more recently, you may have noticed some smaller changes such as: the new social sidebar, our new logo animation, the primary menu system has been reworded & reworked, a new pre-loader and page transition effect. These are site wide changes that cannot be hidden while the new homepage was being redesigned. Overall, the new website should be just as functional if not more so, and be much more visually appealing. (For the full visual experience I recommend using Chrome or Opera while browsing



We are excited about the future of Saronite and have made significant progress over a short period of time. We will continue to put one foot steadily in front of the other, join us on this adventure.