Over the past month the Saronite team has made some very progressive steps forward.


As the Saronite project continues to grow we have many objectives.

Here are some things that are currently in the works behind the scenes:

  • Listing on a second exchange https://www.escodex.com/ (Application has been submitted!)
  • New PHP Developer joining the team who will solely work on development of Sarowrite.
  • Sarowrite + Saropay.
  • New Forum section added to website (soft launch) https://saronite.io/forum
  • Getting listed on CoinMarketCap
  • Saronite Blockchain Explorer complete rework / redesign
  • New Discord bots (Node Down Alert Bot + Others)
  • New “Exchange Listing Progress” bar.
  • Marketing outreach / guerilla PR
  • Back end code changes as usual.