The return of Saronite

It’s been a while; a lot has changed and the blockchain never dies. Saronite will be making a return into the cryptospace and it’s here to stay! Please take a few minutes to read through what happened and how we will move Saronite forward.

How did Saronite start?

Saronite started with one developer, that had ideas and ambitions for a great privacy cryptocurrency. Even though there were so many ideas, one developer was just not going to be enough. Three other developers were recruited and another one at a later stage. While Saronite started to look good and one of our developers were giving feedback on his work, the ambitions were on an ultimate high, just to find out that we had a developer with no real knowledge and a bunch of false promises. Whilst all this was happening, the overall management was dysfunctional and the community was not being kept up to date.

What went wrong?

  • Bad management (emission & supply confusion)
  • Network attacks that lead to network splits (These were dealt with quite well)
  • Bad judgement with recruiting
  • Too much negativity that wasn’t helping in any way.

Positives of Saronite in the past

  • First currency to change from camel to linear emission
  • Great community building
  • Fast at solving blockchain attacks

Moving Saronite forward

While we know it will take a lot to move Saronite forward, it’s a task that is certainly possible. We are going to take it slow and steady, we aim to have the products out on the day we have stated, actions will speak louder than words and in time we hope our actions will cement the future of Saronite and what it can be in the future. There will be no premine in the future of Saronite, the governance fee is still in tact.

Going forward, what will Saronite be?

Saronite aims be a leading CryptoNote cryptocurrency, while we will be recruiting more developers, we also plan on implementing the following on the Saronite blockchain in the near future

  • Changing our code to be Monero based (Monero code are much more stable than the current code, as well in front with implementations of bulletproofs)
  • Implement service nodes on the Saronite blockchain (Mining rewards will be reduced when nodes are implemented, this is to reward everyone running a Saronite node. A minimum of +-11000 XRN will be required to run your node)

The wallet was changed and fixes were implemented to resume the trading on TradeOgre.