In this post we will discuss the road ahead, block rewards, service nodes and questions from the community.

The road ahead

The road ahead will be long and challenging, but as long as we have our community behind us we will be more than capable.

  • Saronite will recruit more developers (contact us and tell us what you can contribute to the team)
  • Mass promotion starting soon

Block Rewards

Saronite is now on a new blockchain and everything has changed slightly. The block rewards are much higher than usual, this is because of three reasons.

  • Saronite block time is now 120 seconds (was 60 seconds)
  • The blockchain is brand new and will take time to adjust
  • The implementation of service nodes will reduce the block reward for miners by half

Service Nodes

Saronite will implement service nodes on the blockchain, this will enable our community to register their own service node and get rewarded from it every block. Below is a few key factors you need to know

  • A Saronite service node will require you to have 45000 XRN (more or less) in your node
  • Service node`s cost can be shared by up to 4 individuals
  • 50% of the block reward will go to everyone running a node
  • The Saronite service nodes can be hosted on a VPS


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I still have old Saronite, how do I swap? You can contact Cloud on DiscordTelegram or on Twitter

What happened to my coins on TradeOgre? The exchange swapped it out automatically

When will service nodes start? It will start when the network reaches 23100