The Saronite roadmap for 2018 will be as following in no order. 

  • Bulletproofs implementation
  • Android wallet
  • MacOS GUI wallet (Completed and released)
  • Promotion of Saronite
  • Whitepaper¬†(In progress)
  • Service Nodes activates at Block 23100 (Activated)
  • Website rebuilding with lots of added information (In progress)
  • Recruit at least one more developer to the team

In Quarter 1 of 2019 we plan to complete the following:

  • Getting Saronite listed on more exchanges
  • Change to a custom Saronite algorithm

Quarter two of 2019 will be revealed at a later stage

  • Saronite payment modules for popular e-commerce platforms/scripts
  • Saronite blogging platform for bloggers to earn, <proof of content>

This roadmap will be updated as we work on our objectives. More features to be added.