The first question many might have, what is a service node?

A service node is basically the same as running a full node of the Saronite blockchain. It becomes a service node when you lock away your XRN for 30 days. Once your service node is accepted by the network, you will gain rewards from it. Saronite will split the block rewards and 50% of the block reward will be given to those running a Saronite service node.

How can I have my own service node?

To run your own service node, you will require 45 000 XRN (More or less) and your own virtual private server. In the service node documents, it will guide you through running your own service node.

Your service node will be able to run on a VPS with good internet connection, 2GB of ram and at least 20 Gigabyte of hard drive space.

The next documentation to be released is the installation of your service node.

Service Node Activation (More or less)